Winnie Seko


member of

Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (UK)

Canadian Society of Homeopaths

BC Association fo Homeopaths

I received my homeopathic training in Japan from Nick Churchill, Jane Wood, Mihaela Serbulea, and other dedicated teachers at the International School of Homeopathy, London; and my gemmotherapy training from Nick, Sorina Soescu and others at the School of Gemmotherapy. They taught me the foundation of homeopathy, as well as wonder, respect and humility.
I am learning on an ongoing basis with Jeremy Sherr and other experienced practitioners. My latest fascination is the Leap Method developed by Dr Divya Chhabra, which augments our quest into our the subconsious in our neuro-circuits. These great masters enkindle my passion for homeopathy and for service.
My homeopathic journey is incomplete without Kim Boutilier, who has been kind enough to listen to my stories and my daughter’s. She continues to inspire me with hope and vision.

All healing powers come from God, our Creator. We all have a power to heal because we partake in God's love and we all are capable of loving others.

Take charge of your health and begin your journey