The Emotion of Fear

Updated: May 31

“When I’m hungry, I go into the garden and pick a head of lettuce. If I’m scared, I’ll take a dose of Mimulus.”

Edward Bach

As Vinton McCabe wrote, fear is “perhaps our most basic negative emotional state.” Being an animal emotion, it is instinctual and pervades all. Every one experiences fear in at least one aspect of life, whether it is about oneself or others, or in one specific crisis or stage of life.

Fears can easily make us lose our perspectives and our common sense. We essentially get into a self-protective mode. We might easily succumb to meaningless rituals that we would normally reject or we might willingly give up values that we would normally uphold. If we let our fears prevail in our lives, we may either withdraw into a small and unfulfilled life in one extreme or we may put on a defensive armour of pretence and aggression. That is, we either become the ones being bullied or those who bully.

According to Oriental Medicine (TCM), chronic fear causes energy to descend and is connected with kidney imbalances.

Dr Bach has five remedies for different aspects of fears:

Mimulus for fears of everyday life. It will bring courage and sympathy.

Aspen for unknown anxieties and apprehensions. It will bring comfort and trust.

Rock Rose for panic and trauma. It will help you regain the ability to cope.

Cherry Plum for extreme tension and hysteria. It will bring mental composure.

Red Chestnut for excessive worry over others. It will bring empathy and peace of mind.

Facing your fears in their raw and freeing yourself from their interference will help you to regain your sovereignty, recover the ability to see and understand things in perspective. These remedies will help to reconnect you to your Spiritual Self so that you can live your lives with faith, bravery, inner calm and serenity.

Photo credit: Brett Jordan @ unsplash

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